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The GMAT Exam Prepare for the GMAT Exam Test Prep Materials The GMAT Prep Timeline

Preparing for the GMAT exam takes time and effort, but with a sound study plan, you can get the score you want.

GMAT Test Preparation Timeline

Being a little nervous about taking the GMAT exam is normal. Smart test takers approach the test with a solid plan and execute on that plan. They get the most out of practice tests and resources, understand how they learn, and stay positive throughout the process. Just remind yourself that you have what it takes! Like any important goal, preparation and hard work pay off. 
The following steps will help you plan a course toward your best GMAT. 
1. Determine When You Plan to Attend a Graduate Business Program
  • Next 1-2 years? Gather information about your target programs. Check the admissions deadlines and GMAT requirements for the schools you wish to apply to.
  • Next 3-5 years? Explore the benefits of a graduate business education, and meet current graduate business students.
  • Create an account on so that you can receive information about the GMAT and other events.
  • Download the free GMATPrep® software.
  • Opt-in to GMASS to help schools find you.
2. Register for the GMAT Exam and Develop a Study Plan
  • Download the GMAT® Handbook to learn everything you need to know about the exam. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the test structure and overview, format and question types. 
  • Be mindful of school application deadlines when you register. The further in advance you register, the greater your choice of available dates for taking the GMAT exam.
3. Establish Your Skills Baseline by Taking a Practice Exam
  • Practice the different question types and take the first practice exam in the GMATPrep software. 
  • Use GMATPrep’s performance reports to identify the skills you need to study most and focus your preparation. 
  • Consider purchasing the GMAT Focus Online Quantitative Diagnostic Tool to identify your quantitative strengths and areas of challenge.
4. Start Studying
  • Design a study plan that works with your lifestyle and results in you becoming comfortable with the test questions, timing, and pace. 
  • Begin your study plan with the Official Guide for GMAT® Review, 2016 
  • Consider simulating the actual GMAT testing environment by using a timer and by eliminating water, snacks, music, and technology during your practice tests. 
  • Review your progress and plan to work on your weak areas. 
  • Visit the store for additional study materials based on your needs. 
  • Practice, practice, practice!
5. Assess Your Progress and Continue Studying
  • Take your second GMATPrep practice test. How was the pacing? Did you improve your weak areas and maintain your strengths? Use these results to further direct your studies. 
  • Consider purchasing the GMATPrep® Exam Pack 1, which includes two new full-length practice tests or GMATPrep® Question Pack 1, which includes 404 additional practice questions.
6. Plan for Your Test Day
  • Take a tour of a test center to know what to expect on the day of your exam. 
  • Make sure you understand what to bring and what not to bring to the test center (including proper identification). 
  • Get a good night’s rest. You’ve planned, you’ve prepared, you’re ready!


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