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5 Questions To Figure Out Where to Study Abroad

5 Questions To Figure Out Where to Study Abroad

So you’re eager to study abroad, but not sure where. With so many opportunities available around the world it can be difficult to choose just one. If you’re finding yourself in this exact situation, start by asking yourself the following questions. By taking some time to reflect you’ll be able to conquer this overwhelming process of figuring out where you should study abroad.
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Do you want to study in a city or rural area?

If you are more accustomed to urban life, then you know that big cities have it all: lots of people, access to cultural institutions, and endless activities going on day and night.  However small towns can also offer benefits such as a more traditional way of life and extra practice in the local language and customs.

Do you want to study in a common or less conventional destination?

Most students prefer to study in Western Europe, where they are drawn to the enticing mix of history, culture, languages, and food. However some also choose less conventional destinations like, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Any place you choose will offer a wide array of experiences, and each will present its own challenges.  

Do I want to experience a culture that is familiar or completely foreign to me?

You may wish to experience your ethnic heritage in a new culturally meaningful way, and studying abroad is an excellent way to do this. Or maybe you wish to learn more about a culture that is far removed from your own way of life. The “right” choice will be the one that best fits your intentions.

Do I want to challenge myself in a non-English speaking environment?

Many students are multilingual which can offer a wider choice of destinations. However, you are not limited to only studying abroad in countries whose languages you speak. If you are up for a challenge and confident in your ability to communicate, then go for it! If not, stick to countries with your native language or choose one where you know you will be studying the language.

Do I want to live in a warmer or cooler climate?

Remember that you will be abroad for an extended period of time, which means sometimes adjusting to weather you may not be accustomed to. Only consider places where you will be comfortable with the temperature during the time of year you would be going. If your idea of being abroad is on a beach under palm trees, then Europe probably isn’t for you.
By taking the time to think about these questions, you can get a better idea of where you may want to study abroad. Do your research and you will end up being as prepared and confident as possible when making your final decision. And don’t forget that no matter where you study abroad, you experience is sure to be memorable!


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