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Study In Turkey

The number of international students choosing to study in Turkey has more than doubled since 2006, signalling the country’s growing importance as a higher education destination. The number of universities in Turkey reached 200 in 2015: 104 state and 71 private.

Turkey is already a firmly established tourist destination, with over 30 million tourists from all over the world in the period from January to November 2014. The Turkish government has much greater ambitions, having set a target of 100,000 international students in the country by 2015.

The Professional and well qualified instructors at the Turkish Universities will lead to tons of opportunities for you to obtain the knowledge and personal skills for your future academic and personal life.
 Graduates from the Turkish Universities can be sure that the diplomas and degrees are recognized by the all world. Upon the acceptance from the University you may have some consultation with the ministry of education, or any institutions in charge of the degree recognition in your county as well.

Living in Turkey

As a student living in Turkey – especially if you are based in one of the larger cities – you certainly won’t find yourself short of places to explore and things to do.
Music lovers will find plenty of variety, from folk to techno, classical to pop, and hip hop to jazz – plus everything in between. The cities are full of lively venues, and Turkey hosts a number of international music festivals each year. Meanwhile film fans may already be aware of the country’s growing domestic film industry, and will find themselves in good company; cinema-going is a popular activity in Turkey, and the latest Hollywood blockbusters are widely screened.
In terms of daily life, you may find yourself becoming adept at spotting a good quality doner kebab, haggling over prices at the souk, preparing (or at least appreciating) a real Turkish coffee, and perhaps even taking on the locals at tavla, or backgammon, which is popularly played in cafes and parks.

Course fees

Private universities can charge thousands of pounds for a course while it can cost a lot less to study in a state institution.

Turkish Student visa

According to the European Union's official website, Turkey is 'on the road to EU membership', but is not an official member, as yet. This means that for EU nationals a visa is necessary to study in the country.
After being accepted onto a course at a Turkish university you need to apply for a student visa at your nearest Turkish consulate.
To be granted a Turkish student visa you will need:
  • a letter of acceptance from a Turkish university;
  • the completed Turkish student visa form;
  • a valid passport;
  • a processing fee;
  • and a passport photo.

You can apply directly through The application form on the sidebar.
Or send us email to with following details:
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